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I don’t know if this FOX crowd has even heard of this. But there is a network owned by A&E called The History Channel.

Anyways, I was curious to know if anyone knew how, or where, to acquire to the soundtrack from the "Modern Marvels: Survival Tech" that aired today, August 3, at 7:00 Eastern Time.

I also posted in the Modern Marvels forum on:

Thanks if anyone knows.
Ok, history channel has a section on ancient greek/roman technology. There's a song they play on and off in the background, a choral piece. Anybody have any clue what it could be?
I'm going off of memory as I did see that episode (I think it was the same) hosted by Peter Weller (RoboCop).

I think it was a song called Vessels by Phillip Glass on an album called Koyaanisqatsi. If it comes on again I'll double check.
No, that's not it. Thanks though, and yeah double check and see if you recognize it next time you see it.

Anybody else have any ideas?
They used the same music on an episode about the emperor Caligula's floating palaces. If that helps ring any bells.
Time to resurrect this one. I'm sure someone out there remembers this show, and history channel uses that song in other history shows too, typically ones on ancient history/ancient technology.

So who's the genius who knows the answer?