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  1. Chaffee338

    Navy Seals Untold Stories

    The song is featured in a history commercial for a show named Navy Seals: Untold Stories. Sounds like Blues Saraceno might have made it but I'm not sure. part of the lyrics goes like ''five four three two one...''. I really would appreciate help finding it.
  2. R

    Forever Forward History Channel

    Hi All! I've been seeing a lot of History Channel's commercial with excerpts from Walt Whitman's "Song Of the Open Road." There are clips from Vikings, Swamp People, Top Gear, Ice Road Truckers and lots of other shows. I've hunted high and low to find the music that's in the background, but...
  3. C

    History Channel The World Wars

    Foxtel The World Wars Promo Music -Saw someone had asked what this music was. The group are The Broken Bells, the title of the song is The High Road.
  4. D

    History Channel Europe

    It's a rock song in the main commercial in my country(Greece) which starts with the banjo sound and continues till the end.The commercial shows the men from history's series.Thank you in advance.
  5. H

    History Channel

    So my mom heard a song on a commercial on the History Channel tonight. All she know is a few lyrics from the song. It goes, "So I try, I try..." It is a male singer and the song is a pop song. She has heard the song on the radio as well. I would so appreciate any help on this please. :-)
  6. L

    History Channel

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forums and I love commercial music. I need some help on one. The other night, during the History Channel's "The Bible" a promo aired. I can't remember many details but I think it had the people from Swamp People on it. I want to say the lyrics I remember were "10,000...
  7. J


    the Hulu commercial music for Vikings series anyone know what it is. The only vocal I hear is the word "Sail"
  8. M

    History Channel World War II Specials

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone can be of help and tell me the name and composer of the song that can be heared in the background of the History Channel World War II Specials commercial song. The commercial presents scenes form the war along with a number of titles: "The globe was at war"...
  9. J

    History Channel Lincoln

    I just can't seem to pinpoint the composer of the classic piece used starting at 2:10:00 http://youtu.be/b6UdwoXYF-g?t=2h10m4s Thanks for any help! - John
  10. S

    History Channel 21 Days of Armaggedon

    What is the music playing in the background of the "21 Days of Armageddon" commercial with Brian Unger talking about the apocalypse? It's an energizing, alternative sounding instrumental (synthesizer/keyboard with steady background drums.) Please help - thanks!
  11. N

    History Channel The Men Who Built America

    Does anyone know the name of the song played furing the commercials. It's like a rock song, something the white stripes would play.
  12. P

    History Channel shows promo

    Hi, does anyone knows what song is playing on history channel for show compilation commercial ? It's something like: "Everything is right".....something like that
  13. V

    History Channel

    Good morning, History Channel has a cool promotion for her programs on tv, here in The Netherlands. I really like the song that is playing in it. Does anybody know the artist/name of the song? I recorded it with my phone, and I hope it good enough to recognize the song. Many thanks in advance!
  14. A

    Hatfields & McCoys

    Anyone know what song they are using in the History Channels commercial for Hatfields & McCoys mini series?
  15. E

    Battle Castle

    On the History Television channel there is a commercial for "Battle Castle" (a new show premiering March 9th, 2012) and the commercial has a techno/electronic song playing on the commercial. Does anyone know the name or artist of this song?
  16. N

    Swamp People

    Does anyone know the name of the song playing in the background of episode 16 swamp showdown from season 2 of swamp people when Rj and jay tagged out?
  17. F

    Swamp People

    Who sings the song for the preview of "Swamp People"? They lyrics are: "...go to sleep little baby, go to sleep little baby..."
  18. N

    History Channel

    Hello, Does anyone know what's the song on the History Channel in the last month or two? It's just an instrumental that's playing in the back. In essence it's the promo for the History Channel HD. The voice in that commercial is saying: "You're watching some of history's great moments to...
  19. S

    History Channel

    On History Channel there was this commercial which featured a majority of their shows like pawn stars, American pickers, and swamp loggers. It featured phrases like "born to deal", "born to chop" and i remember it saying "its in our blood". Anyone know the background music that was featured in...
  20. A

    Top Gear History Channel

    The History Channel's version of Top Gear has a new add that has a car chase theme and music that I instantly identified as a 1970's cop show theme song. For those of you that are interested it is the theme from the 1970s TV Series S.W.A.T. Here is the show intro: S.W.A.T. - YouTube Info...