Mitsubushi "See What Happens"


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I love this new song that came from the latest superbowl commercial I just need to know what this song is from.

And no need to wait on TV to see it I think the song is on this site.

Thank you.
The song is right, but it's not Sweet singing it (You can hear their version at the iTunes Music Store). The commercial is a much more rockin' modern version. Maybe it's by the Misfits? I notice they made a cover of it.
I don't know... I listened to the longer version of the ad and compared that to the samples of the original Sweet song at iTunes and Amazon, and it sounds the same to me. :unsure:
Originally posted by michelle@Feb 5 2004, 10:17 AM
Update: I just read on an ad agency site which confirms the song is indeed Sweet's version of "Ballroom Blitz."
Acutally, it's not Sweet. They originated the song, but that version used in the commercial is a cover by Blue Oyster Cult.

Listen to the originial Sweet version on the iTunes Music Store. It's definately not used in the commercial.
Which album is it on? I ask because 1) it sounds nothing like Blue Oyster Cult, 2) it sounds exactly like my Sweet version, 3) it's not on any of my BOC albums, and 4) according to BOC's website, it's not listed in their discography.
Originally posted by dascoot@Feb 7 2004, 12:26 PM
Which album is it on?
Yeah, I couldn't find it either. I'd like to hear it - until then we'll leave the front page post as-is saying it's the Sweet version.
I agree with Dascoot and JCA, I have listened to other site examples of the Sweet version, and it sounds exactly the same as the one in the ad.
To expand further:

• I can't find any mention of "Ballroom Blitz" on any Blue Oyster Cult album so far.

• The phrase "Ballroom Blitz" isn't listed anywhere in their discography available at the Blue Oyster Cult official site.

• I can't find any credible Google results discussing a BOC cover of the song.

• A "Ballroom Blitz" cover by Blue Oyster Cult doesn't appear to be listed at The Covers Project.

• There are many "Ballroom Blitz" mp3s by Sweet mislabeled as Blue Oyster Cult floating around. (P2P mislabelling, or the "Moby effect". IE All techno tracks on p2p networks are labelled as being by Moby, when often he has nothing to do with them.)

So, that's what I have so far. Appreciate anyone offering more info on this. The version I've heard (over and over now) in the commercial sounds like the Sweet version we compared it to.
Sweet originally did the song in 1975. The band Krokus covered it in the '80's.
OK.. but the question was who did this version, and the answer is Sweet.
Ok I know the name of the song and it was in a Car commercial but I don't know what band did the cover of the band Sweet's song Ballroom Blitz. It was a pretty sweet cover... get it sweet was the band that orignally did the song and I said.... never mind.

ive searched through the forums and beucase i knwo so little about the song i cant seem to find any related material on it. ive looked thru many forums looking for the little chunk of the chorus lyrics i know, but have had no success.

i saaw the advert ages ago, then heard it on a tv show which rejoggd my memory of it.

as far as i know its from a mitsibushi ad (maybe a year to a couple of years back) and its just the chorus of it. theres a guitar and drums goin while male vocals sang "woo woooooo, woo wooooooo"... the ad finsihed off with a male voice's fading echo of the word "mitubishi" (thusd making it sound like he said "mitsubishi bishi ishi ishi shi"

yeah, kinda a weird description but i tried to be as accurate as i could (but pelase ntoe it may have been from another make of car besides mitsubishi and i could be mixing up ads in my head)

thx for ur help ^___^
is this the commercial where the two cars are racing down the road? That's the song I want. you can see the commercial i think its called brake test.
I think when refering to the band Sweet, you mean GLAM rock legends, not punk rock legends!
Can anyone tell me the song played in the new Mitsubishi commercial? The commercial is for Mitsubishi's 'Best backed cars' promotion. Please help!