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Ive been looking for this one forever. Words went like, "I'm the little guy, I'm the small fry". Its was the Mini car commercial. Anyone have any idea about the song title?
yeah yeah i know this commercial, and truth be told, it started me getting involved in stuff with commercial music, and i stilllll dont know it.

it goes like "my moneys on thelitle guy...the bigger they are, the harder they're gonna fall" etc.

Anyone know it?
Aside from "small" things... what's going on in the ad? What did the music sound like?
Well, the song is rock, and im fairly sure (this ad is pretty old, around summer ithink) and it features things which are small, but powerful, i.e. hot peppers, napoleon, microchips i think etc, and well, the Mini. I dont recall seeing it on TV, but it was played at numerous movie theatres.

Actually wait, after a bit of snooping i found the commercial. Behold :

edit edit:

More snooping, i found out some info, unfortunately its a company produced song :F

BMW "Mini Anthem"
TITLE: "Mini Anthem"
AGENCY: Taxi, Toronto
CREATIVE TEAM: Zak Mroueh/Lance Martin

I read on another forum that the song was done just for the ad by the marketing team, so chances of a full length and/or song are slim, if that's the case. <_<

(you must have been editing while i was searching/posting! didn't mean to repeat what you just said...) at least you've got an answer now... :(
Lol, thats okay, thanks anyway, ive emailed the GM of the company to see if its possible to obtain a copy or not, ill post a reply when i get it back.

thanks 'gain!
Thanks! Now I can rest easy at night knowing the info. Hehe but really thanks a million for shedding new light on this one.
I will forward your request to the writer. He is usually quite accomodating and will most likely send something to you.

Thanks for your interest.

Lino Micheli
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From: Raza Syed []
Sent: Wednesday, February 11, 2004 6:31 PM
Subject: BMW "Mini Anthem"

Dear Mr. Micheli,

After much searching, i finally stumbled upon your song which you produced for the Mini (Mini Anthem, you called it). I could find websites with the Ad spot, but finally i found yours and learned that Pirate had created it, and i was surprised and proud aswell to learn that the company was based in good old Toronto.

In truth the reason i was looking for it was the song. Quite a catchy tune it is. My question to you, or whomever deals with this, is there any way i could get a copy of it? A CD, .mp3, ATRAC :)D), anything, really. I dont know whether there are copyrights in place or some other legal preventative measures, so if you could please get back to me on this it would be much appriciated.

Thanks in advance,

-Raza Syed, Toronto.

That sounds rather promising.
Nice reply! :)

Wonder if the song's writer has done anything else in regards to ad music?