Miller Lite "Twist To Open"


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Miller Lite "Twist To Open"

Its probably been a year since I've seen the commercial....

Very large man goes to his kitchen opens the fridge and grabs a Michelob. Reads the cap of the bottle that says "Twist to Open". Music kicks in and he begins to do the twist... anyone know what song that is?
I know its a long shot -- but I found some info on this older ad. Its a Miller Lite Ad not a Michelob commercial.

The music was instrumental, funky smooth jazz... I emailed Miller but have not heard anything for about a week. The commercial is called "Twist"

I just found this

Its low-res and the sound quality is poor but maybe this will jog someone's memory....
If you could figure out who did the ad (agency, etc.) that would be a big lead. But, I have yet to see any mention. I do believe I saw the ad was from 1997 -- is it that old?


Okay... Just did some more digging and found the following:

The agency that did the ad: Fallon. I don't believe they do Miller's ads anymore, but you should try emailing/calling them and see where it gets you.

Also, read this article about the whole "Dick Campaign" Fallon created for Miller. Pretty interesting...

And, yes... the ad is from around '97! :blink:
I sent an email off to Fallon today. I'll let you know if they respond.

Hard to believe the ad is from '97 :blink: . So its taken me 6 years to get this far in my quest for the song... Its on my list of things to do before I pass on to the great abyss -- like Skydiving or meeting James Burke and Alton Brown. It may take a while but I'll do it.

Thanks Michelle for all the help so far.