Miller Lite "Tiny Bubbles"


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Has anyone seen the commercial for Miller Lite where every keeps getting served the really tiny beers? The music in the background is really cool. It has what sounds like a ukeluele and then a trumpet or a sax comes in with a cool little solo. It was on during the NFL draft. Does anyone know what this is?
I've seen it a few more times since then. Does anyone know what this is?
I was looking for this music too. You can view the commercial on the Miller Beer Website. It's the one called "Tiny Bubbles." Any help is appreciated!
Re: Miller Lite

hi i am a huge miller lite fan of the ads from 1996-98. i was wondering if anyone had a list of miller lite commercials from 1997-98. mainly im looking for the commercials with the old people making pretending to be young kids again. and im looking for the one thats like a questionaire.