Miller High Life


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this is my first post, so i don't know if i doing it right. i have seen the commercial twice in the past two days, and both times it happened on FOX, once during the White Sox-Angels game on Saturday (maybe 8:00) and the other during the Astros-Cardinals game (5:15) on Sunday.

Both times, i have only seen the last 5 seconds, but the music is really familiar. it sounds like caribbean music, probably with a xylophone. it is "upbeat" and "jumpy" but i don't think that helps. i have heard this music before, i think its kind of common, but i can remember the other commercial.

all i can remember of the commercial is that a woman is talking, and near the end it shows the high life bottle
That commercial has been driving me nuts too, i think the tune is from a movie, i just can't place it. I would love to know the answer to this.
It's called "You're So Cool" by Hanz Zimmerman, written for the soundtrack of the movie "True Romance" (1993). Feels so good to get that one off my mind.
For extra credit, can anyone put a name to that beautiful voice?

She's got a light southern accent, most noticeable when she says "moon". It sounds really, really familiar.