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Looking for song in the High Life commercial where i shows pictures of america's past and a voice over was saying "I was there when..." Its a very recognizable song, I just don't know what it is.
It sounds to me like 'You're So Cool' by HANS ZIMMER from the soundtrack of the movie True Romance. (Track 1)
Spot on sophist! I went as far as calling W+K in Portland to talk with a media relations guy. He is supposed to get back to me tomorrow but after a little checking you are definately correct.

Seems he got his start as a jingle writer!

Great song that stirs emotions in this ad - I knew it was in a movie but thought it might be American Beauty.
Sophist, once again I thank you. I owe you some beers for your work..
Seen during: ABC's Destination Lost
Description: Touching historical photo mosaic
Soundtrack: Bouncing, uplifting instrumental music

Driving me: Crazy

On to the topic of this thread. Gosh I LOVE that track from True Romance!! I just saw this commercial right now and remembered seeing a thread on this. That is really a nice melody, I don't blame people - and so many people asking repeatedly for it. ^_^

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