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I wasn't sure what section of this forum I should post this in, so, please bare with me.

I've been dying to find the music used in a certain ad by MGM. It's shown before most of their movies now. The ad/commercial/trailer plays clips from all of their hit and classic films, to an dramatic and uplifting instrumental piece. At the end of the ad, a voice over announces their slogan "MGM means great movies," and the lion does his thing. I'm not sure if the song was composed specifically for that ad, or if they took it from an already existing score. I've been looking all over the internet for information on this, but I've found nothing.

Please, if you have any ideas on what it is, let me know. :(
Originally posted by Allison@Dec 22 2003, 05:01 AM
It's shown before most of their movies now.
Do you mean it's shown in theatres before MGM films, or on MGM DVDs? Or both? (What movie did you last see it with?)
I'm sorry, I can't think of any specific movies at the moment. I'll try to check and get back to you on that later. But I've only ever seen it before the movies on DVD/VHS - never in theaters.
This is a commercial talking about all these classic movies, comedies, drama etc and there is instrumental music in the background....any help?

I`m new arround here, maybe someone can help me.
I`m looking for the song and artist in this TV spot:

ty in advance, have a great day.
So...anybody? somebody? nobody ?
there has to be someone who knows this song ..or artist.
I know I ever heard that song, but I cannot remember the artist...
I am looking for it also, I'll tell you if I find something.