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the situation (as best as i can remember) is as follows. a girl and a guy are in an apartment. the guy goes to get a couple drinks. as he reaches into the fridge, he notices the girl's roommate(?) or friend. he gives the camera a knowing glance and then proceeds to grab 3, not 2 beers.

what is the song that is played in the background? i seem to remember it as a older sounding soulful song. its been a while since it has aired so i'm not sure if anyone will even remember.

thanks for your help!

don from california
Ahhhhhhh now that one I remember!!!!! :lol: Lets see what we can find. BRB.
Well the Miller Lite catfight girls keep poppin up on every search that I run :( but keep checkin back. Someone will track it down if I don't.
OK I think it's an MGD commercial and the song is "Let's do it again" by the Staples Singers. Let us know if that's not it.

thanks a lot for your help! i really appreciate it! love that song... this site is really helpful. peace!