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I have seen a Mercedes commercial recently that shows two guys driving down the road into the mountains and suddenly stopping as a tree falls across the road. The song is kind of folk/rockabilly.

Does anyone know who does this song?
I'm sorry to be posting this... I had two beers after I left work today, and I guess the need to type forced me back to where I can't help but try to find soundracks to ads, but I ran a generic search for mercedes ad songs and came up with this:

The Cure - Pictures of You

I honestly don't know if that's the right ad or not, but when I saw the title, I remembered the song, and it was folk/rockablilly enough for me to think it might be it, though I can't attest to the images in the commercial themselves. Hope this was it.

Ok, still not sure they're even discussing the right commercial... a little further down in the same log I found "the REAL answer" about that commercial, and then several other answers about mercedes commercials

Built to Spill - Some Things Last a Long Time
Mozella - Amazed

could either of those be it?
Amazed was labelled "haunting", but Mozella is a singer/songwriter so it might sound folkish too, I'm not sure. On the other hand I didn't realize that these were both (or all 3 if you count my mis-found last one) were from the current ad campaign, and I don't believe the current ads have the scenes described. These ads had pictures of drivers and their Benz's. The "Pictures of You" was a mistake, should have been the title to the commercial perhaps, but not the song playing. I give up trying to find this answer unless I see this ad rerun some time so that I can look it up, I was just feeling crazy last night and ran some searches & came up with a bunch of sites talking about the ad, but the answers I found threw me off track apparently.

Hope this helps.
I have checked out a few of the suggestions here, but so far have not found the song I am looking for - but I will keep trying.
Did it have any lyrics?

And, where did you see the ad -- US, Canada, elsewhere... Channel, during which show, etc... We could keep an eye out if you've seen it during a particular show/time frame.
Does anyone know who the band and what the song is on the new(to me anyway) Mecrcedes commercial where two guys are driving down a road and a cut tree falls directly in front of them. It has a Cajun beat to it. Thanks
I merged the latest request with the older one.

No clue on the song, never seen the ad. Maybe it will eventually be posted on Mercedes Benz TV commercials section.
I've seen a commercial a few times and it's definately zydeco but I'll have to trust the word of others that it's mercedes. If it is it'll be on their site eventually.
This is my first time posting a message!

I have emailed a contact that I have at Mercedes, they will try to have an answer in the next day or two. I will happily post the answer. I feel like I have heard the song in this ad before but by a different artist. I am currently cruising Bob Dylan lyrics. Either way, we should know soon.
Sorry for the delay. I received a message saying it will be a few more days. To help out in the meantime, I believe I saw the commercial during The Apprentice which makes sense because I haven't seen it again since the show finished. I can't remember the lyrics right (something like " I'm gonna something down the highway till the something turns to grey -and then there is another line, a break, and then Yeah Yeah Yeah.) The ad is for the e-class line of Mercedes and apparently came from their offices in Germany, hence the delay. Hope to know soon.
Okay, finally an update. The song titled "End of the Road" was composed by a gentleman named Bruce Watson through Groove Addicts production studio. Unfortunately this song exists only as a 30 second commercial. Here's hoping all of the positive feedback will result in a full length song.