Mercedes Benz SUV Commercial

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:blink: can anyone tell me the name of the band, or the song title for a new Mercedes Benz SUV Commercial?

Commercial features 2 kids looking out window at the snow, and they figure they have the day off.

Pillow fight on the bed, jumping all around...

Dad walks in and says we're leaving in 5 minutes
(He's driving them in the Mercedes SUV)

ending shot - 2 disappointed kids in the back seat as they drive off to school.

Great sounding song.

OK So I've also been driving myself crazy looking around, and nearest I can figure, The song was created in-house by the Ad company (Merkley/Hardy and Associates. I have a couple of Emails out to some company Reps, and I guess I'll have to wait til Mon. to find out anything further.
after repeated listening I've made out a lyric or two. The most complete one was "You tell me I'm poor but I really don't care" Then I broke my head apart trying to find the stupid thing anywhere, alas, nothing.

I'm liking the song though, and a friend of mine is a punk encyclopedia, so If I can smuggle her in here or find a recent taping to bring her there might be a chance. In the meantime I did find -this- which I thought was amusing.