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This song is another version's of Mercedes New E-Class.
I've found it on Web , and I have no idea this was shown on TV.
Anyone knows this song title or singer?
cool song... but i can't find anything near the lyrics to match it as a "real" song -- might be another one of their commissioned ones, like every other commercial they've put out lately...

maybe someone else knows for sure??
Merceded commercial

Hey there,

I am new to this but found you searching for the wonderful music that on a Mercedes commercial that plays the song "I only have eyes for you!" one of my favorite songs. Does anybody have any information on this song?

J Jones
do a search on google or even your music downloading source for "i only have eyes for you" -- that is the actual title of the song.

i think there's lots of versions of it, but i'm not exactly sure. and i don't know who originally sings it -- or who sings it in the commercial (could have been an in-house singer doing a cover for the commercial).

hope that helps a little! :wink:
Only have eyes

I've Googled until I'se just can't Google no mo' love. Thanks for the point in the right direction. I want to work with whoever made that track! I may end up just calling Mercedes or Daimler Chrysler.

Kindest regards,

J Jones :wink:
j jones: i'm not sure exactly what info you're after -- the name of the song, the original/writer of it or the singer who covers it in the commercial... :?:
back on topic...

george: do you know what was in the commercial, the "other" e-class one? just wondering... but the more i think about it, i have a feeling the music was probably an in-house thing -- much like all of the other mercedes commercials have been...

i'll try to track down some more definite answers though, in the meantime. :)
Does anyone know the name of that song they played a litt while back (a couple months) for Mercedes? It was with violins, but not really a classical song? I think the commercial had robot arms manufacturing a car...
I did a search earlier, but I really don't think "Time Is On My Side" is it. I don't think it had any vocals.
the only "production line" commercial i've seen for mercedes features the song "time is on my side" -- so i don't know which one you're talking about...

here's a link with all the commercials they've had recently: mercedes-benz ads

take a look through those and maybe you'll find the one you're thinking of. otherwise, about the only consistent answer i have for any of mercedes commercials in the past, is that most of the music in them are either remakes of exisiting songs or specificially done for the company and don't exist for public consumption.
Wow Michelle that's a hell of a find.. thanks for that link! Too bad they don't have the song names, but we've come to expect that haven't we? BTW is that.. is that JOE MANTEGNA doing the voice over??
Waffles: I know which one you're talking about I think - or that is to say I know the 'mercial, not the song.. I can hear it in my head but I can't place it, sorry! :( But it is a really nice one, if you ever find it be sure to post it please :D
The Mercedes Commercial Music: Only Have Eyes For You.

A number of folks have contacted me, but all looking for the answer as well. Today I finally got some info from a nice guy named Jeff:

"I looked about for the singer of the song in the Mercedes commercial, but found that others have been stymied by your same search. One contacted Mercedes and got the following response: We appreciate your interest in our recent advertisements concerning the Starmark Certified Pre-owned C240 Sedan. The music "I Only Have Eyes for You" by Harry Warren & Al Dubin is an original arrangement and not available for purchase. Unfortunately, due to copyright restrictions, we are unable to provide copies to the public.

"Keep plugging though. Last year there was a car commercal with an excellent cover of L-O-V-E by Kathy Fisher. It was so well received the car company allowed her to include it on her next album."
E-Class Commerical

Newest commercial for the E-class:

Topic: "Production Line" (By: Mercedes-Benz)
Song: Time is on my side (Yes it is)
Artist: Norman Meade

Hope this helps a bit