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Hey Guys

Wuts the song playing when DeNiro is walking his daughter down the isle neer the end of the film and Owen Wilson is playing that little flute thing to it too :D

Thnxx alot
The official soundtrack came out today ... but im not sure if its on it because I dont know wut its called :p
Try describing the song more -- was it just a flute version of a popular song, or were there other instruments in the background as well? Did it have any vocals, female/male? Etc...

You can also find audio samples from the entire Soundtrack here.
Thnxx Michelle

and sorry for bumping ;)

yeaa the song just had the little guitar that Dustin Hoffman was playing and the flute which Owen Wilson was playing
whats the song that plays while the fockers play football in their backyard?

ty alot 4 any info :ph34r:
That would be "Rock and Roll Part 2" By Gary Glitter, Good Song, AMAZINGLY FUNNY MOVIE!!!
hi, i was wondering if anyone knew that instrumental song that plays towards the end during the wedding, that kevin (owen wilson) is "playing" on his pipes.

unfortunately, im willing to bet money that its just made for the movie, but you never know! thanks for any help!