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I AM SO AHAMED! ok so what I sudo quazi want to see mean girls but only because it looks so bad.

Anywho Can Anyone tell me the nam e of the song used in I think all TV spots for the movie and its on the trailer at the end. It kinda sounds like a chick going yeah yeah yyyeahhh with an uber Cher thing goin on u know funny voice and pop meets techno.

So yeah iam ashamed and should die but yeah tell me the song.

Mind if I hijack this thread? There's another song in the trailer I'd like to find out about. It plays right after the girl says she's psychic ..."It's like I have ESPN or something."

The only word I hear is ..."tonight" (then Lacy gets hit in the head with a football.)
Boi: your song is "Naughty Girl" by Beyonce. From her album "Dangerously In Love." (Link goes to audio sample.)

Also, "Milkshake" by Kelis is the next song in the trailer, when they drive up to the friend's mansion.
Awesome. Thanks, Michelle :)
I'll check iTunes. I definitely know the Milkshake song (and bought the track months ago)

Thanks again.
Who is that redhead? Has she been in anything else? I don't usually notice really young women but...Daaaaaaam :blink:
Fitz, that's exactly what I said! :)

I was informed she was the daughter in Freaky Friday with Jaime Lee Curtis.

Edit to add: Errr... I misread your post... I just didn't have a clue who she was, but thought she looked familiar. I don't have the hots for her! :lol: :lol: :lol:
That's Lindsay Lohan. She was also in the remake of The Parent Trap years ago. She's also hosting the next new episode of SNL.
Well I'll definately be checkin that out. Thanks uberlou ;)

Oh and thank you too Michelle. For the info and for bursting a momentary fantasy bubble. <_< J/K
hey does anyone know the song that is playing in the background when lindsay lohan gives regina that nutrition bar or something, and then it goes "uh uh" when the saleslady tells regina she could try's like the song before the katy rose "overdrive" song at the end of the trailer....please let me know thanks =)
Sorry, that's the only song from the trailer I couldn't figure out! Maybe someone else will recognize it... :(
does anybody know the song on the commercial for the movie "Mean girls"? Its at the very end of the commercial, and it sounds like Avril or somebody like that
Hi all...I stumbled upon this site trying to find the name of the song that is mentioned above and after about an hour (yikes) I believe it to be Sugar Daddy by Fannypack.
Hope that helps.
Originally posted by uberlou@Apr 15 2004, 11:55 PM
That's Lindsay Lohan. She was also in the remake of The Parent Trap years ago. She's also hosting the next new episode of SNL.
And there were about a million TV spots aired for Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen in February. I'm surprised people don't know of her. She's been receiving a significant amount of media hits since Freaky Friday came out. I was actually pretty surprised when the TV spot for Freaky Friday included her name in it since it was only her second movie. But it might also explain how so many people know her name now.
Anyone that saw the movie... What was the song playing in the background when Lindsay and the dude where in her room alone (at her party)? AND the same song was played at the dance after the math competition before the end of the movie.

Can't believe there is no soundtrack!