Mean Creek


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does anyone know what song is played in the movie mean creek, when the 3 boys are smoking pot in a car near a waterfall-thing at night?
it's the moment when one of the guys is making fun of because of his 2 gay fathers. it's with acoustic guitar i think and sung by a male.
Do you also know who made the instrumental music in the movie? i think it's by Tomandandy.
It's with violin. For example: it's featured, when the 5 kids retun on their boat from their 'trip'. it's during sunset, and it's a really emotional scene.
i don't know the namesof the songs but the instrumental ones are by tomandandy!

thx :)

The score was indeed done by Tomandandy. In fact, you can download much of their music for various films (including Mean Creek) for free on their website:
I haven't seen the film, but there's a strong possibility they might've done the music you're looking for as well, being that they are indeed a very diverse musical duo. If all else fails, my suggestion to you would be to check out the soundtrack listings for the film at, as many artists are listed for it, including John Gold, Eels, Five Point Plan, Lost Goat, Death Cab For Cutie, Wilco, Orleans, Spoon, etc. I hope this helps and happy hunting!