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Anyone know where to find "The Masters" golf music on CBS? Kind of a sappy piano/violin tune was re-released in '96 by Leeds Music/Patchwork and Don Cherry (got that off, but have never been able to find it anywhere
Did the song have a name, or was it just titled "Masters Theme." If just "Masters Theme" the song may have been done just for their use. I would suggest trying to contact CBS and ask them directly.
Q. What is the name of the music that CBS uses during Masters Tournament coverage?
A. Dave Loggins wrote the original score for CBS’s coverage of the Masters in 1981. It was re-released by Leeds Music/Patchwork Music ASCAP in 1996 by Don Cherry.

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I've been trying to find this piece of music everywhere and have been unsuccessful thusfar. Any advice?
David Loggins appears on "Golfs Greatest Hits"
Record label : Teed Off Records
Originally Released : April 16,1996

He only did one song called "Hit 'Em Straight" but there's 17 other songs on it..I hope that helps a little... :)
2010 Masters Golf Music

I was wondering if anyone knew what the music in this year's Masters tournament is? The piece I'm looking for is usually played at the end of the TV coverage where they do a recap of the major players'/leaders round of golf for that day and the music is pretty dramatic and upbeat.