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Allright, everyone.

In "Manhunter," the 80's version of "Red Dragon," there is a song played near the end of the movie. It plays when the gargantuan psycopath serial killer is in bed with the blind photographer. I think the lyrics either mention something about a jungle/forest or the night. Maybe both. It is an extremely creepy song. I know it is not "Innagodda..." well, whatever the heck that song is by Iron Butterfly, because that plays when the psychopath is fighting the detective.

Any ideas would be appreciated!
Uh... I think I solved this mystery for myself.

The song is "The Big Hush" performed by Shriekback.

If anyone wants to confirm this, go right ahead. :blink:
You are correct sir! It's from the album "Oil and Gold" from which another song used in "Manhunter". Ceolocanth.
This is indeed correct!

One of actually three (3) songs from Shriekback used in the movie, "This Big Hush" plays almost through it's complete duration during the "love scene" featuring Dollarhyde and Reba.

The track is still available on the superb Shriekback album (CD) called "Oil and Gold" - and the great news is that this CD is still stocked by amazon here:

Oil and Gold CD by Shriekback

I hope that this helps. For more information on the entire soundtrack album for Manhunter, please feel free to check out my web site here: - The Soundtrack

Cheers, John.