Malteasers Ad Song


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I dunno if any of you guys have seen it, but its worth a shot.

Theres a new ad on Australia for maltesers with these two girls going round and round a roundabout(/traffic circle, whatever). The girl in the passenger seat keeps saying to keep going right, so that the malteasers on the dash roll out of the packet, so she can eat em.

Ok on to the song, there's a song on the radio and they sing along to it...

Something like "In my mind....There's a better place for me."

Any ideas? Thanks in advance....

and its NOT a Destiny's Child song OK?
Sorry i posted same question soon after!!!!! I need to open my eyes. Sorry mate
No problem, Louise... I deleted the duplicate post.

So -- I've searched for the song, based on the lyrics "In my mind....there's another place for me, hey!" and have come up empty, for the most part.

What type of music is it? Rock/Pop/Dance/Techno, etc... And, is there a male or female voice singing?
the song is played pretty quiet in the background, so its hard to figure its style...i might post when i hear it again, with some more info

BTW: im only guessing its a real song (maybe it was made up for the ad? i dunno).