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Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows what's the song in the Durex ad. It's the one where there's a girl that's dancing while undressing her clothes, and then she opens a packet of Durex and throws it to her mate on the bed and looks kinda surprised. The music looks like it's some kind of soft rock. ;)
That's a great commercial- she plays ring toss with a rub*** and won, much to her surprise.

I couldn't make out anything at the Italian forum but the Italian word for "a girl that's dancing while undressing her clothes"- striptease.
Tanx for the help. I've been through the sites but still I can't find the name of the song, and can't make out what he's singing either :huh:
Ok, since you guys helped me with the link to this Italian forum, in the first place, and I was looking for this song for like month or more, and since I speak Italian, I might as well be of some use! :)
So, what they practically said was that they got exclusive information from Durex's ad agency, McCann Madrid that is about the tune ..
This was a jingle made exclusively for this ad, so it's Original Jingle for Durex, author is Josè Maria Perez Martin. It can't be found anywhere commercialy, and it is properthy of "Plus Music". Unfortunatelly :(
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