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Hi everyone,

I need the song that was on the malcolm in the middle dance dance relvolution episode. They played a song during the final dance dance revolution match, that was called "Sometimes When We Touch"... but it was a remix. Could you please tell me the name of the remix?

thank you very very much!
Thanks for the reply, but it was a womans voice. Does anyone know?
This is an older episode from the summer. The episode was called "The Experiment". The one where Dewey is supposed to sell candy bars. Does anyone know the name of the song that was played when Hal was fantasizing about getting springy shoes with the candy bar money?
Sorry, It's been so long since I saw the episode, that I don't remember. I was hoping that someone would happen to remember the song based upon the episode title. A long shot, I know.....
Hey all, how's it going?
I'm wondering if anyone happens to know the artist/name of a song in a repeat episode of Malcolm in the Middle that I just saw. It's the episode where the family goes to the father's company's picnic. The mom mudwresltes, Malcolm gets poison oak all over his face, etc. Meanwhile, the oldest brother Francis is playing in a hockey game. The song is played right near the end of the show in a slow-mo segment where Francis is trying to score, but all his equipment starts breaking and falling off.
It's a upbeat dance song if that helps.

Anyway thanks a lot for anyone's help
Looked it up for you... Francis' Winning Goal - Let It Ride performed by Spy.
its the episode where Malcolm goes to a College orientation and his mom goes with him, Reese pretends to sell drugs to get a date with a narc at their school, and where Dewey steals a bunch of stuff from their own house to make a piano/organ. Anyhoo I'm looking for the song that he played on the piano at the store and at home. Its the same song, it sounds like that Kick The Can song from DDR but i dont think it is. Any info would be appreciated.
I was watching a "Malcolm" rerun tonight. After a little research, I found it was season one, episode nine, in a show titled "Lois -vs- Evil."

This Smash Mouth song came on that I can't find. As far as I can tell, it's not on any of their main albums. I can't find it with any of the lyrics I have, and I can't find it Googling. The lyics I heard are "I'm digging you baby, it's driving me crazy." I'm not sure if I misheard them, or if it's a rare song...I don't know. It's bugging me trying to figure it out though! I do know it's NOT "Digging Your Scene," or "Can't Get Enough Of You Baby" though it sounds similar.

Thanks for any help~ ;)
That's the song I was looking for. Being able to hear it clearer through the sounds vaguely similar to Smash Mouth, but it's definitely not.

Thanks alot! :)
Hey does anyone happen to know what the name of the song is played on the malcom in the middle episode where they are in a fight at the batting cage on Lois's birthday with some clowns. I checked out the malcom in the middle music site, but they were clueless.
opening theme, malcolm in the middle. who does it??/ plz and thx guys
Artist is Chemical Brothers and the song is called Denmark from the Album "Come With Us"
Whats the song in today's episode (rerun on Fox 25 (boston,ma)). The annaversary episode. It had a few words repeated... one of them start with a "c"... it was techno ish.

i think the episode is traffic jam in season 2 but neways in the beginning of the episode dewey is being babysitted and something happens that the babysitter had to be rushed to the hospital. while he is outside dewey follows a balloon or bag and eventually gets lost.

my main point/question: in one part a woman gives him a ride but after dewey annoys her, she stops by a liquor store where a crook comes running out and steals the car with dewey inside. i want to know what song is playing at that time i cant exactly remember any of the lyrics atm tho.
Try the Charlie Daniels Band's "The Devil Went Down to Georgia". I think that is the song you're looking for.