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on last night's episode of the Bernie mac show on fox, there was a song playing during the dance contest at the family picnic. Does anybody know the song? It's got a funky 70's disco beat to it and i only caught a few words:

get up on the floor...when we go dancing
PS. the name of the episode is "family reunion"
I knew all the songs they played in that episode.. GREAT tunes.. but of course I forget them all. I seem to remember the song during the dance contest being Marvin Gaye "Got To Give It Up Part 1", but I know for sure that Sly and the Family Stone "Family Affair" was one of the songs played somewhere in the episode, it's been lodged in my brain all day. Hope that helps.. I'll try to remember the others if not.
You know what, I looked at your lyrics, and I'm positive you mean the Marvin Gaye one.. you're pretty close, it's "I got up on the floor" and "keep on dancin", so that's got to be it.
thanks, dascot! it's the marvin gaye song.

what was the last song played near the end at the show called. its a women singing and i heard it in commercials before
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I have EVERY song ever played on the Bernie Mac Show, but I was wondering if anyone knows where I could get a copy of the soundtrack?
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Do you have all the songs from the Bernie mac show ??