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I've seen the commercial several times and am trying to find out what the piano song in the background is. Anyone know? I've heard it before but never found out where it was from.

-Chris B
So far I have found out the name is "When Angels Fly" because I e-mailed the company and asked what the name of it was. I'm still waiting to hear from them who the artist is etc...


Actually, the song is called "Love Surrendered." The song "When Angels Fly" is track one from the CD that song is from. The CD is a Promo CD used for Victoria's Secret Stores titled "Heavenly-Music for Angels" which is not for sale anymore but you can find it on ebay.

Tim Heintz is listed as the artist on the Victoria's Secret promo CD

Correction, the CD cover lists Tim Heintz as one of the producers and Tena Clark as the composer and producer.
So what's the music from the brand-newest one?
The one I just heard tonight on CBS during "Vampire Bats" (approx. 10:40 PM)


Anybody know where to find this one? I tried the drug website, they don't have the marketing information or song information available.

Ok, I am not sure if this is the same song used in the commercial, but it sounds VERY similar, It's called "White Sail" by Einalem and Eniad, and the beginning portion of this song sounds like the the clip used in the commercial. The song is on an album entitled "Celtic Journey" from a cd series called Impressions which I got at Wal-mart about 9 years ago. If you like the song from the Lunesta commercial, I suggest this album as it has a few other tracks that have the same night time dream feel to them.

Not sure if this makes much of a difference, but the song is called "The White Sail" not "White Sail" as I had originally posted.....
The song is "When Angels Fly" by Tena Clark. Contact Disc Marketing, Inc, and they may be able to present you with the entire CD. It's actually from a Victoria Secret CD entitled "Heavenly".
Just a woman humming almost "ahhhhhhh ahha ahha ahhh" :) Not really humming but you know. Sounds real nice.