Ludacris song question

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To anyone who has the ludacris album "Word Of Mouf", can you guys help me out here...

The first track of the album "Coming to America" has an amazing opera type song playing in the intro when some women start saying 'you mofos welcome to the united states of america" etc,etc,. and it also plays throughout some "intermission" type segments on that same track.

So please, to anyone who can tell me what the name of that opera type song is, i would really appreciate it. :D Thanks a bunch in advance! ;)
I dont recognize. I cant even make out what she's saying.
I don't have that album, but have you checked the liner notes? Usually, when artists sample someone else's music, it's mentioned in the liner notes.
It is the DIES IRAE from the requiem by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. They change it very, very slightly, but it's basically the same thing.