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ok. The commercial is a newspaper going back in time, like it is on rewind. The music is doing the same. It then shows a man holding the newspaper and then letting go. The music then plays a regular song(instead of rewind). Does anyone know the name and artist of this particular song? Has anyone seen the commercial? I like the song, and need some help. Thanks!!
Here were have a similar commercial. A lady is making tomato soup or something and is listening to the radio. She hears that her numbers are called and she drops the pot of hot soup on the ground. This is done backwards at first, started with the dropping of the soup, then going back and going normal. The music is pretty cool. I'm in Washington State.
I'm in Washington state as well. I know what commercial you are talking about, the one with the soup. The dog eats it, I think it's funny. But it's the newspaper one I want. It is fairly new.
Anybody want to help me out with this one? I just want to know the damn song....please!? I am a hapless techno weenie who doesn't know where to start looking for this commercial music, and if anyone could help me a little; I would be very happy. Thanx
I tried looking into it but there's just nothing out there. Does WA have its own lotto or is it part of some multistate powerball thing? I may be able to come up with the ad agency if I know more.
This commercial is for the big lotto. It's not a seperate Washington State lotto. It's the big lottery that everyone is trying to win. Thank you for helping me, but if you can't find anything, that's ok. I appreciate it.
can you describe the music: tempo, genre, lyrics, male/female vocals?
The music is an acoustic guitar with a small bass line. I don't know if it is from the guitar or from something else. There are no vocals, and it's such a short clip that I cannot tell what genre it is.
Does anybody know how they can help me with this? I would really appreciate it.
It may be a long shot, but maybe you could try finding a PR or Customer Service rep for the Lotto and asking if they have any info on what ad agency did the spot.
Ok, to you lolita, the song in the lotto commercial with the newspaper is called "Ghostwriter," and it's by a guy named RJD2.