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hey, i've been going crazy trying to figure out the song played in the anti-drug commercial that says "life can't rewind" or something to that effect. it's like, a music box of sorts... anyone know what it is?
is that the ad where the teenage girls life is rewinding starting with something like a car crash and then it goes back to when her mom stops her from going out the door by finding her "dime bag" ya the music was interesting, if u find any more info on it plz share.
I watched the "Rewind" ad on there, and I can barely make out a little piano track. Is that the one?
it probably is just a music box. Thats a weird taste in music tho. Pretty spooky
I'm not sure if this was an Anti-Drug, a Freevibe commercial, or something else but it was on a couple years ago. It showed some teenage boy with long hair on the top of his head and the sides shaved. He had blonde streaks in it and had it pulled into a ponytail. He's in his room rocking out to the song then he comes downstairs where his mother asks him who he's going with and if he left the phone number. Then she sort of grabs at a safety pin in his shirt and playfully squeezes his cheek as she tells him to be back by 11:00. Then a guy's voice says, "Let your kids be who they are, but know what they're doing." The song that was played was some sort of hard rock or metal song and I've been trying to find it ever since. Anyone know what I'm talking about? Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
The ad is called "Kid" and can be found here:

Seven lines down, third from the left in the left-hand column.

It'll make sense when you look at the site! :)

Can't tell you what the song is, but at least you can view/listen to the ad again.

Hope this helps...
Thanks a lot pal, that's exactly what I've been looking for all this time. At least now I have a link so I don't have to explain the whole commercial anymore. Now I can just place a link and ask if anyone knows.....which I will do now.

Does anyone know the artist/title of the song in this commercial?