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Im looking for a song that (if memory servers me right) is in a makeup ad and features a song from the mid 90's. It is an all girl band, it kinda reminds me of the breeders or something. The lead singers vocals are more prominant over the music.

argg..... wish I could give more details
I believe it was for loreal makeup products. I have the beat in my head, just wish my head had a usb port so I could upload the beat to ya :p It starts out dum de dum de <female singer> "You can anything...something...."

Thats the best I can give ya

I heard it a long time ago, thats why I want to say the song came out mid-late 90's
A female was singing it and I believe it came out at the end of the grunge era.
The commercial is recent. I started seeing the commercial in the past month or so. ITs the song I believe is older. I re-read my post and thought it was a little confusing. :huh:
Hmm...not ringing any bells. Do you remember what was happening in the ad?