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It's "Money, that's what I want".... but which one?

This is a female vocalist, it's kind of an odd version. It's hard to describe. Both Napter and iTunes have dozens of versions. Someone here will probably have the answer faster than it would take me to listen to several dozen soundbites.
Theres one song in the trailer, wich have the text "the best things in life are free, so you can give it to the birds and bees" or something like that, the song has been in several trailers and films, wedding singer and charlies angels are 2 of them. Its in the introduction of the girls in charlies angels...Well hope you understand what song i mean, pls help me out:D
It's called "Money (That's What I Want)." There've been many covers of this song. The version used in Charlie's Angels and The Wedding Singer was done by The Flying Lizards.
Plus,the first tv trailer I saw had "Alright Now" by Free.
What's the song at the beginning where he's saying:

"Selling guns is like selling vacuum cleaners, you make calls, pound the pavement. I sell to every army but the Salvation Army."

I think it's in a lot of trailers...

Thanks for the help.
Hi all

I am keen to find out the name of the Track/Tracks used on the international version of the Lord of War trailer. I know that War by Edwin Starr is used at the end of the trailer - but there is a piece of music used at the start - it has no lyrics

Any ideas

Yu can access the trailer from


What is the name of the song that plays after he says, "One out of every twelve people on the planet has a firearm. The question is, how do we arm the other eleven?" Who is it by, too? I thought it was called all night long, but there are a lot of songs called all night long, so artist would be helpful.....
ok, so i was watching TV earlier and i saw the commercial for "Lord of War" and i definitely recognized the song playing, but for the life of me, i can't think of the name of it. go to the following link and click on the "TV Spot - Secret" button on this page...http://movies.about.com/od/lordofwar/a/lordwar072805.htm

all that i can really make out of the song is "all right now..." or at least, thats what it sounds like. anyone have any suggestions? thanks.