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Alright folks, this tune is an intrumental piece played throughout the movie, during the end credits, and during the DVD menu.. its like a piano song, i would love any help i can get, thanks B)
It sounds to me like an instrumental version of 'Let the River Run' by CARLY SIMON.
When Brittany Murphys character and Holly Hunter are in Brittanys apartment after she smashes the phone with a hockey stick. and Brittany calls one of her boyfriends ex's to set a meeting up with her. Then as the camera is zooming out. Music comes on and they both start to dance and brittany does a cart wheel flip thingy. What song is that?

I think it might be one the Carly Simon Songs.
I already searched there. Nothing helps me because I am away from my home computer now. And on this computer I am "Not aloud to download" its the rules of the house. So I cant download every song on that list to see which one it is. I have to wait 3 more weeks until I go home. So I want to know the song and have it written down so I can download it when I get home.
let the river run by Carly Simon.

i think lemme check I may edit l8tr

yup it is! theme form Working Girl great song!

90% of the songs are carly simon!