Liquid Plumber..?


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Just saw a Liquid Plumber commercial I hadn't seen before. It was centered around a middle aged guy with a huge, wild beard at his sink, preparing to shear it with a pair of barber's scissors. There's some narration, maybe written across the screen to facilitate cuts from the scene to a pure yellow background, but at the end I'm almost positive it was spoken over the image of a bottle of the solution; something like "..but it will get rid of hairy clogs."

Throughout the commercial played this music I'm sure I've heard before. It was pure instrumental, sounded like only a set of drums and a vibraphone or some other type of chimes. There may be lyrics to it, but the version played in the commercial had no vocals. In style, it sounded instrumentally like it could've been from almost anywhere in the '50s or early '60s, but its rhythm and tempo suggests the latter. I'm completely positive I've heard it before -- its definitely very well known and was probably a pop hit at some time.

Any help is much, much appreciated!