Does anyone know the music in the Lipitor ad? It has an elderly stylish lady who gets off a limo and walks down a red carpet and trips.

The song itself was originally scored in 1934, for performance by Dick Powell. It's called "I Only Have Eyes For You."

The song in the commercial, of course, is performed by a female musician, which sounds a lot like Rosemary Clooney, but I could not say that 100% for sure.
No, no.. that's the Lipitor ad where the hot older guy goes to dive in the pool and does a nasty belly flop.. the one with the lady on the red carpet is commissioned:

The commercial was produced by Propaganda Films, Los Angeles (Now out of business)
Name of commercial: "Diva"

The Music Company: Amber Music, NYC (212)352-1888
An original score by house composer: Mike Hewer

You CAN however go here to hear the whole (short) thing. :)
Ah yeah! You're right! Sorry about that.

Well, I had the right drug anyway. 8)
Lipitor Ad

Oh my god! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the link!!! Now I can sleep peacefully! :D
here's some other info, for a different lipitor ad, i guess... just thought i'd put it here since i ran across it. :)

Lipitor Falling Star 2002

Artist and Song Title: Jazzanova - Bohemian Sunset
Hmm.. I just downloaded that and listened to it, and I don't recognize it (which of course means nothing lol).. but there IS a little violin hook that sounds like it might have been sampled in the commercial.. maybe.. (shrug) it's a cool toon though. Kinda reminds me of Deep Forrest. Good find. :D