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Hi there...I've searched the site but was unable to find an answer: trying to discover the name of the song, a piano score, that plays through a Lincoln Aviator commercial where a couple is driving to a secluded beach on a moonlit night where they then prepare to go skinny-dipping. Any ideas how I might find this?
Hey, I think I've seen this! Only once though so I'm not sure which Lincoln commercial it was... :( All I know is, Lincoln's 'theme song' has been Mr. Scruff's "Get a Move On" for the past few commercials. This recent commercial I had seen had this theme song's melody only with a more classical style. If I remember correctly, it was a piano. My best advice would be to check out Mr. Scruff's "Get a Move On" and see if it has the same tune as the one you're thinking of, but not necessarily using the same instruments. I fear that the piano version is a Lincoln Aviator commercial exclusive :(
they're asking about a piano score when Mr Scruff was using sampled instruments.

I'm not sure really.. i only saw a brief part of the ad.

check back soon.
This song was one of those songs that were created especially for the commercial because it had no originality about it --
I think you're talking about "steppin out" by Joe Jackson, It's an 80's song that was released as a video. Joe Jackson plays the catchy tune in the video. Hope this helps!