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A commercial for LIKE MINDS, a boxed party game, contains part of an orchestrated piece I remember as the theme song for a local movie program from the 1960's. Here it was called "Masterpiece Theater" (NOT to be confused with the long-running PBS series) and I believe other local channels throughout the country used it whenever they showed movies on Saturday or Sunday afternoon. It may have the word "Hollywood" in its name. Any ideas as to what it might be? Thanks for any help you can provide.
OK, folks. How about asking your parents about this one? I'm assuming this is a younger crowd than I expected. Think early '60s. Black and white TV even. A slowly twirling glass chandelier. Masterpiece Theater or Gustmann Presents. Saturday or Sunday afternoon when no sports games were televised. Some sort of brass playing the theme.
(This is the music played at the END of the LIKE MINDS commercial)
Anyone? Anyone? Beuhler?