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anybody know the name of the song that was playing when the kid found his mom making it with his coach? all i know is that is was a guy singing and the song started out kind of chill then picked up.
Does anybody know the name of the song the teacher and the girls were dancing to at dance practice on the season premier. The singer sounds a lot like Dido and I think the lyrics contains either sweet sensation or sweet tempation.
If she sounds like Dido, then it's probably JEM.

From the lyrics, I'd suggest the tune is 'Come On Closer'.
it was on a new show.. "life as we know it"

couple of the lyrics are like "tip top socialize"

and I THINK.. "get ready for the ride of your life"
The lyrics you wrote in sound very similar to the Ozomatli song "Saturday Night", where they go something like this: "Dip, dop (?), socialize, get ready for a Saturday night". This song is featured in an ipod commercial also. Does this help at all? :)
Does anyone remember the name of the artist/group and song title that closed out last week's episode (10/15)? Was it Secret Machines? If so which song? It played at the very end of the episode...
Does anyone know the song that was playing at the end of last week's episode of Life As We Know It? It was were all the characters were kind of reflecting on what is happening. It was a woman singing very softly and I can't remember any of the lyrics. Did anyone recognize it?
In the very beginning when they were just previewing the show and stuff, they were playing the beginning of this rock song and nobody was singing or anything. It just had like this retro, piano type sound to it. It sounded almost exactly the same as the beginning of that T.A.T.U song "All The Things She Said"(Just listen to beginning of that song alone(the piano part) and you might know what i'm talking about LOL)

Anyone knows?:huh:
I'm asking for someone else, although now, I'm curious, too.

They're looking for a song that was used in an episode of "Life As We Know It" and an episode of "One Life To Live." Someone made video snippets of the LAWKI episode, and you can view them below (they put it into two files). The person said that they've already checked a LAWKI music guide on, but the song is not listed. Anyway, if you know it, we'd appreciate it.
They said that the LAWKI episode is #10 ("Breaking Away"), but I didn't watch the show so I can't confirm. The OLTL episode was really recent. They said that it was Feb. 9 of this year.

Can you make out any lyrics?
the episode was #10 and called Breaking Away. the song is featured at the end when sue and ben sneak out and dino goes home.