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Just before Star Wars episode III the theater ran a minute long ad for LG. I've heard the song in another film before but have no clue who it's from. The commercial is promoting LG's cell phones with the song lyrics saying something like- everyone's dancing???

Any ideas?
Here is more detailed info regarding the ad.

Building on its reputation for making stylish, functional mobile phones that enable consumers to express themselves in a variety of creative ways, LG Electronics, today announced the launch of its newest marketing and advertising campaigns, which together form an integrated platform designed to differentiate LG from its competitors, educate consumers as to the many ways in which LG mobile phones fit into their lives and provide cross-promotional opportunities with LG's wireless carrier and retail partners. The campaign, whose theme "six degrees" illustrates the many ways in which LG mobile phones ensure that consumers are constantly in touch with their worlds, was developed in partnership by LG and the company's advertising agency of record, BrandBuzz.

LG Mobile Phones' advertising campaign kicks off this week, with spots appearing on more than 1,000 motion picture screens nationwide and placements in major national and regional print media outlets. Additionally, beginning this fall LG's newest television advertisements will be seen by millions of viewers nationwide on a variety of network and cable TV outlets.

Featuring images of trendy, fashionable young adults highlighted by LG's trademark red hue, the spots feature a variety of people using LG phones in both traditional and innovative ways. In addition to making calls, users are seen listening to music, text messaging and using the Internet, all of which illustrate the many ways LG mobile phone fits into the lives of every consumer, keeping them entertained, connected and informed. LG print ads can be seen in publications including but not limited to Lucky, Maxim, Premiere, Rolling Stone, Spin, Us Weekly and Vogue.

Has anyone seen this ad and know the song? This song has been in several movies as well.
i dont know if this goes here, but i was at AMC theaters watching a movie and during the pre-previews there was a commercial for some phone company...some groovy guy was dancing in a train and then some lady uses her phone to record it and it goes in a circle back to him.. any help appreciated :eek:
Can you describe the song? Any lyrics? Male/female vocals?
i just remember the people in it..
its kind of a mellow song, thats all i can think of, im just hoping someones seen this in the theaters and can recall it :eek:
Can you name any of the movies it's been in? It might be on one of their soundtracks.
No, unfortunately I can't remember what other films it's been in otherwise I could find out ad IMDB. I just know that these TV spots should be appearing now in selected markets. Has anyone else seen this ad? I viewed it at AMC theaters in San Diego last week.
I'm trying to find the same song. I think the lyrics are something like "everyone dances" or something of that nature. Very mellow song.
thought it was a great song and wondered who the heck it was too. i think i found out:

Phoenix -"Too Young"
Starting May 27th, you may start to see a commercial for the new line of LG cellphones. The music featured in these ads is the highly infectious Phoenix song "Too Young" from their acclaimed debut album 'United'. Some of you may already be familiar with this track from its inclusion in Sofia Coppola's award-winning feature film 'Lost In Translation'.