1. fdsableh

    LG G3 "Simple is the New Smart"

  2. P

    LG MiniBeam Projector

  3. F

    LG G2

    Does anyone know what the music for the LG G2 smartphone is?
  4. B

    Verizon Share Anything Plan Lucid by LG

    I am intrigued by the music in the Lucid by LG ad. It seems familiar but I cannot place it. This is the ad featuring the snow sculptures. I find that ads that use classical music are very compelling and I am always intrigued by them. Does anyone know what music is used in the ad? It sounds...
  5. B

    LG Infinia Series 3DTV "The End"

    Can anyone help me out with what this music is called?
  6. Blackheart6004

    LG "Factory"

    I'm not sure if you guys have ever seen this ad but it came out here in B.C. for about a week or so and I'm trying to find out the name on the song in this commercial. The commercials starts of with the camera pointed upwards with the lights lighting up the factory, followed by items and "CG...
  7. D

    LG SL9000 LED TV Borderless

    Hello Friends.. December 2009 Advert LG Live Borderless SL9000 LED TV Advertisement ,What's the Soundtrack Name ? Please.... This Advert song name ?
  8. etrivett1989

    LG TV seagulls

    What's the song playing in this ad where they talk about "sometimes we feel boxed in" and then the seagulls jumps off the cliff trying to fly and then does.
  9. R


    this is the commercial if anyone knows this song pleaaaase help! thank you:)
  10. D

    AT&T LG Xenon

    Any one know the name of the song in the new AT&T Commercial? It has some girl looking out through some window. At the end she gets a text and leaves...
  11. B

    LG mobile advert

    Anyone knows what's the music for the LG mobile commerial ... it sounds like an arabic man singing (this is the ad about the guy who wasn't allowd to touch anything as he grows up). pls pls am going crazy gotta get this song ... ;)
  12. jca

    AT&T LG Shine with Lauren Conrad of The Hills

    Hey look it's Lauren Conrad "LC" and Brody Jenner from MTV's The Hills in the new LG Shine commercial. "Heaven" by Warrant Get it at Amazon.
  13. Z

    LG Touch

    During the commercial, we see that the young man is never allowed to touch anything; - his mother's vase - his girlfriend - expensive car And finally when he goes to buy a cell phone, he is encouraged to actually "touch" the new LG touch phone. Do you know the name & artist of the song that...
  14. A

    LG washer

    This could be out there already, but i'm looking for the song in the newer LG ad for their overall appliance line up, a girl i shown in a grassy field. I really can't recall more details. Thanks in advance for anyone that can come up with it?
  15. O


    It sounded kind of new age and or 70's-ish with a woman singer... I went to the press section of the LG website, but they only have old 2006 commercials up... and I can't find anything pointing to the new commercials. Any help would be greatly appreciated! THANKS!
  16. Takomora

    LG steam washer

    Well this lady is using a washing machine and the LG logo is at the end and i believe it says "life is good" under it. The music is an instrumental guitar thing. if anyone knows let me know if no thanks anyway
  17. P

    LG Art Cool Air Conditioners

    hey everyone, do anybody knows the song from the art cool by lg ? its like a instrumental song. help me please ¡¡¡
  18. K


    Just before Star Wars episode III the theater ran a minute long ad for LG. I've heard the song in another film before but have no clue who it's from. The commercial is promoting LG's cell phones with the song lyrics saying something like- everyone's dancing??? Any ideas?