Led Zeppelin song from CNN's program on Infidelity


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Does anyone know which Led Zep song the guy is riffing on his acoustic guitar during the recent CNN Presents: "Infidelity" program? I know it's a Zeppelin song, and it's beautiful, but I can't remember its confounded name.

I'd know it if I could hear it.. can you maybe find a clip of it online? Sometimes companies have their ads available to view on their websites..
youre really vague when you say it was a beautiful led zeppelin song (because almost all are) but i would bet that its between "stairway to heaven"
"over the hills and far away" "Dyer Maker" or "tangerine" so you might wanna check those out.
Do you have any lyrics, or was it just the guitar that you heard?? I could probably help if you had some lyrics....
That's what I'm saying.. but I don't think planethunter recalled any lyrics. At least he (she?) never wrote back.. and Led Zepplin songs are tough to get a bead on, you know? Unless you KNOW the name of the song, it's like impossible to guess it by the lyrics..
My favorite Led Zeppelin songs are "Black dog" and "Dazed & confused". Maybe it's one of them.
Whoops. I forgot I'd posted about this, and I just checked in again. Well, that night that I saw that CNN program I spent a while listening to Led Zep songs trying to find the right one, but I was unsuccessful. I just checked all the songs that the people who replied to this thread suggested but it wasn't any of those.

Ah well. I've pretty much given up. If CNN runs their special on infidelity again, I'd suggest watching it if you're interested. It was a pretty insightful show. There were no words to the Led Zep song (at least, none were being sung); it's just a guy playing a few riffs on his acoustic guitar as he describes his sadness at his wife's infidelity (or was it his own? I can't remember).

The CNN program is on right now, and the song is "The Rain Song". I can finally rest now. This song must have some of the most beautiful guitar and piano arrangements in rock & roll history, in my humble opinion.