Layer Cake


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Before the protagonist has the meet in the backroom of a club, the two guys he meets with are shown hanging with the "American birds". What song is playing in the background during this? It's not on the soundtrack album.

It's not the Kylie or Source songs either. Those are played afterwards when Tammy is introduced.

BTW, great movie tunes-wise. There's an aerial shot of an Audi estate crusing down a road while The Cult's She Sells Sanctuary blares triumphantly. Makes you want to go "Phwoaaar!" as they say in the UK. Yeah we've heard that song used before in ads, but that shot looks just glorious. I was left wondering if was a deliberate product placement. I was almost expecting to see an Audi logo in the corner of the screen.
I should've looked at the UK version of the soundtrack more closely and not the US one. The US versions of UK soundtracks often times leave out songs that are on the UK versions. I believe Lock, Stock and Snatch are good examples of this.

Anyway, to answer my own question, the song is Tits On The Radio by Scissor Sisters.

nnnggghhh... :rolleyes: