Layer Cake


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This is a new movie thats not out yet (in the UK) and is probably not coming to America.
Nonetheless it looks simply amazing, but what I want to know is what the song is that plays starting about half way through the trailer and continuing to the end (pretty sure its 1 song all the way).

Here is the direct link to the trailer:

Any help is much appreciated,
I dont recognize it, but it sounds pretty awesome. lemme know if you find it.

theres some female lyrics towards the middle, but I cant seem to make them out.
I guess nobody knows this , figures since its an instrumental tune only. they are always the hardest to find. gonna have to wait for the soundtrack when the films out and just hope it has it.
good news guys, I never give up hope for finding even the most rare trailer songs, and just by chance the other day someone on IRC mentioned to me "oh duh, everyone knows the song in Layer Cake trailer is "Rocco" by "Death In Vegas".
I did like 2 backflips right then :0

So thats the song, surely enough, and i found it on DC++ as 256kbit mp3, as well as a 160kbit Dub Mix of it (there was a remix too but it sucked).

Does anyone recognize the second track in the new US trailer for Layer Cake?

The first song is 'Ordinary World' by DURAN DURAN.