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I heard a song on a LAX episode. I think the chorus went "I'm the one you'd like to know better, are you listening." I know that makes no sense but it's something like that. Any help would be great.
I can only remember a few of the lyrics to this song. "Never thought I'd feel this way before, my love just walked out the door......Never thought I'd ever feel such loss, my love's been hung on the cross...Now she's gone...lalalala..HELP :blink:
Does anyone know the name of the song playing in last nights episode when the airport officer is chasing after the bomb suspect, and tackles the wrong guy?
I'm wondering what the last song on Monday's episode was. It is a softer song with approx lyrics of...

tell me what you {think or feel}
beautiful fields
underneath the green [of]
beautiful fields
and what flies inbetween
{something} king and queen
beautiful fields
keep your fingers crossed
beautiful fields
and many lives were lost
beautiful lives
and you calculate these
and forever raise your shield
beautiful fields

If anyone knows or can find out that would be awesome.

About the original question, it is hard guitar and a bit of synthesizer noises with diluted words (can't make out) and fades into drums and electric guitar.

Answers to both songs would be great.
In case anyone was wondering on the latest episode when Roger was stuck on the plane the song they were playing was Caught by the river-by Doves
Would you (or anyone) also happen to know the song that was playing in the pilot when the girl from the Phillippines was walking away from Nick?

Found it - "Seaweed" by The Fruit Bats - on iTunes, even.
LAX song

I'm looking for the song they played when the security guard gets busted and fired for secondary searching only young girls... It's kind of a guitar intro, didn't happen to catch any words to it yet. It's on TiVo, so i'll try to get some lyrics for ya
Could it be "Staring At The Sun" by Simple Kid? I'm not sure if this is the song, but I heard this song played a couple times on Mondays show.
hello all. .for anyone who watched the most recent episode of LAX. .does anyone remember the very last song that they played at the end. .i am sooo sorry. .i cannot even remember the small amount of lyrics that was said. .just hopin someone maybe saw it too?
OK... I found two songs from the end of the October 18th episode of LAX.

I believe the song in question is "Glory Box" by Portishead, available from iTunes.

Another good song worth checking out from the episode is "Sway" by The Perishers, also available on iTunes.

Hope that helps!
I was wondering if any one could tell me what the song that was used when Heather Locklear was getting cleansed at the end. it was also used in the commercial of sex and the city.
All i know is it had the lyrics never .... like you. it is also a song on the sex and the city commercial

I am looking for the song that was played in the LAX episode "out of control". It is at the part where it shows a flashback of the cop drinking, towards the beginning of the show.

The lyrics I know are:
"If you should fall,
If you should fall,
If you should fall, far from grace."

I've preformed numerous searches, but haven't found anything.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi everyone,

Holodoctor, I'm looking for the same song! It's been weighing on my mind for a few days now and is driving me crazy. Yes, if anyone knows what song was playing in episode "Out of Control" when the cop was drinking at the airport bar, please reply!

Thanks so much!

What is the name and performer of the opening song for the TV show LAX. It has lyrics that say, in part, "It's a beautiful new day..." Sound somewhat like ELO>
Can you help me out on this?