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I was wondering if anyone happened to know the song in the opening scene of Law and Order: Criminal Intent this evening? it aired on November 21st and it's called Balsters I believe :)
Does anyone know the song that played during the opening of tonight's (Nov 21) episode of "Law & Order Criminal Intent?" Lyrics were something like `take me home' and showed a coffin being lowered into the ground.
Thanks for your help.
Law & Order Criminal Intent "Brother's Keeper"

Song at the beginning:

"Spirit in the Sky" by Norman Greenbaum (Amazon)
Basically tonight OR last nights episode featured two kids at a party and there are two songs at the two different parties that I want to download, specifically the first song. PLEASE HELP!
Does anyone know the name of the song that was on Law & Order Criminal Intent on 5/1? It was the episode about the astronaut. :)
It's on iTunes "Fever" by Adam Freeland & Sarah Vaughan.

There are 3 versions of it.

Wolf :D
I'm trying to look for the song playing at the beginning of Law & Order: Criminal Intent that aired on June 1st. It was the episode about an actor who was murdered... and they showed a potter's field... where the main characters went to get the body of the dead actor. It would be great if someone knew it. Thanks. =)
Does anyone know what the first song was that played during the opening scene, very exotic, sounded "world" type. Awesome song. Not in english...
Lat night (March 5) there was a new episode of Law & Order titled "Betrayal." I don't have any music info yet.

If you are asking about "Law & Order Criminal Intent," it would have been a re-run. Do you know the name of the episode?

If it was CI ~ it was titled "Depths" (2007). "Goren and Eames clash with the FBi when the body of a diver washes ashore."

The folks over at the forum at NBC are still working on that song. You can keep checking back at Music on CI - NBC
Yes, it was the new episode called Depths. Thanks so much for the tip, I'll keep checking.
What is the song that plays at the beginning, when they're nailing the lid of a makeshift coffin shut for the guy who turns out to be a child-star grown up?
It's a sad song, but I can't remember the words.
Can anyone tell me what the song was that played in the very beginning of tonight's episode titled "Betrayed", when the couple appeared to be running away together?

TIA for any help!
This is exactly what I was looking for...I believe this has been answered, but I don't know where or how to get to it...Dr. Memory, where are you?!
Does anyone know what song played throughout parts of tonight's Law & Order Criminal Intent? The Episode was called "Love Sick" May 11, 2010. Thanks so much.

I've always wondered if there were any "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" OST files -- such as the show's theme (my favorite show and theme version from the L&O universe), background tracks, SFX, snippets, etc. -- that were ever released on CD/DVD or posted anywhere online.

Any information would be greatly appreciated as I've never come across anything.

Thank you,