law & order

  1. M

    Law & Order Criminal Intent

    Does anybody know what song is being played in the background of the law and order CI season 10 advert please its driving me crazy trying to figure it out :D
  2. SunRunner

    Law & Order Los Angeles

    At the beginning of the 12/1/10 episode (La Playa) of Law & Order: Los Angeles, a song played but I couldn't catch enough words to post any lyrics. However, I can tell you it was a female singer, and it sure sounded like Macy Gray. Anyone have any idea what the name of the song was?
  3. M

    Law & Order Los Angeles

    Who does the rap tune "welcome to the west coast" song used in the latest ad for the new series...
  4. D

    Law and Order episode music

    Hey there I know this is pretty vague but I was wondering if someone could help me. I remember seeing the end of an episode of what I think was one of the LAW and ORDER series. It involved one of the main characters (I think) walking through an empty house turning on all the lights ending up...
  5. F

    Law and Order 5/21

    Does anyone know the name of the song played at the end? I believe it was at the end, but I'm not 100% positive. I do know that they played a good bit of it. Thanks!
  6. G

    Law & Order SVU

    Law & Order SVU WHAT WAS THE LAST SONG that played while the daughter (I think it was Elliot's daughter) was being arrested and Olivia was "testifying" in front of some committee, etc? It was beautiful. Sounded kind of Celtic, but I could be wrong? Thanks for any and all help!!!
  7. tlch67

    Law & Order Criminal Intent

    Opps - so sorry all. The show is Law and Order, not NCIS. Still would like the song and artist that sang in the opening scene. Thanks! T
  8. S

    Law & Order Criminal Intent

    I was wondering if anyone happened to know the song in the opening scene of Law and Order: Criminal Intent this evening? it aired on November 21st and it's called Balsters I believe :)
  9. S

    Law & Order chime

    Can someone find the sound clip chime from Law and order that they use all the time when they tell you the location of where they are.
  10. W

    Law & Order SVU

    Does anyone know the song that is used in the commercials/promos for the season premiere of SVU? I saw the commerical online at but maybe some have actually seen it on TV. IF someone knows what it is, please let me know.
  11. Compudoc

    Law & Order on TNT

    My son saw the TNT Law and order "300 Episodes" commercial and heard the song that plays in the background. Could not make out any of the lyrics but it had a soul/R&B kind of feel to it. Does anyone have a title for it? It definitely was a make singer. Sorry I don't have more info. Thanks...
  12. R

    Law & Order SVU on USA

    Law & Order SVU on USA Hi I'm trying to find out the name of the song used in a commercial for 'Law & Order: Special Victims' Unit'. The commercial plays on USA network for the Law & Order: SVU airings on that channel, and some of the lyrics are: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday...