Late 80's Listerine TV ad Tarzan music bed


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In the late 80's there was a Listerine commercial with an animated Listerine bottle swinging through the jungle (like Tarzan) eliminating the "germs that cause bad breath" as a song played in the background. This song was on the top 40 stations and had a sort of melodic "Tarzan yell", a smooth slower medium beat, sung by a man, a nice song to listen to, not fast techno or anything like that. Anyone know what the song and group was? I'm just stuck as far as remembering it. Thanks, Andy
Yup Baltimora was the band! Thanks for the help, been about 12 years since I last heard it and it brought back some good memories! -Andy
When you posted that question, I asked my husband, "Honey remember that one song that went AH-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH!" and he went :blink: .. hehe.. but I strained by noodle and remembered some lyrics.. can't believe how many Baltimora lyrics pages there are out there..