Las Vegas

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It shows a preview for the new show about the guy living in Vegas that is supposed to come on soon on NBC. Around the end of it, whenver it shows Nikki, a song is playing. I heard some words about "when your rubbing on my thighs".
Anyone know what song that was? I looked for that one lyric online but I couldnt' find anything.
I still haven't seen this promo spot for VEGAS on NBC. Did you ever find an answer?
I've read that the songs in this ad are a remake of Frank Sinatra's "Luck Be a Lady," done by Brian Setzer Orchestra. Also, "Whip It" by Devo has been heard in the ad also...

Still looking for the other song, I assume the one you're looking for Deviant -- does it have a lady with a deep voice singing this particular song?
I was planning on checking the NBC site to see if it had anything about it but I forgot. I looked now and they say something about Bonnie McKee - Trouble, being in some of Las Vegas previews. That may be it, I don't know. I'm trying to look on Kazaa for it but I can't find it.
It has a song preview to listen to it on the NBC site but I haven't been able to yet.

{{EDIT}} Yeah it's it. But I can't find it on Kazaa to download. <_<
I was just coming here to post that exact information -- it is "Trouble" by Bonnie McKee... and I listened to the sample and it's got the lyrics you mentioned. Cool song, I haven't heard it on the ad (or seen the ad) yet!

I cannot find any information on this girl -- other than I think she's signed with Warner Brothers (but that was in 01 apparently), and I can't find any albums or mentions of one. But, I did read that her music was being played on a radio station in the past year or two, so it's possible that a single might be available for (horrors) ;) downloading somewhere. I also read that she's out of Seattle...
How incredibly odd...

Bonnie went to my High School, and I helped to get her hooked up with Warner (I got her tape over to her now-Agent through a connection that I had). Very strange to see her being mentioned on random places around the net! (and on an NBC promo?)

We went to a High School together in Seattle, Washington. She's got a real talent in her songwriting ability - though, by the sounds of the audio clip you guys have mentioned, they've changed her into a bit more of a "pop" singer. Too bad.

hehe, thought I'd pop in my two cents :)

I also knew Bonnie from Seattle...actually Bellevue. She's such a great girl, and she's doing great for herself down here in LA.... Her album will be out soon, so check it out every one!
I am trying to find out who the song is by on the commercial that has been played during the olympics ffor NBC's "Las Vegas" fall 2004 premier episode. It is a love song that is played when they show some character going off to war as a marine last season and then he return to proopose to his girlfirend now that he has returned in the new season....the song is something like, " I still love you..." Any help would be great!
What a beautiful song! I'm so glad you posted it! I'm completely in love with this show and I hadn't seen the promo, so I went over to the NBC site. There it was!

And with a little more investigation, I found the song on Lionel Richie's latest album, Just For You

It's "Just To Be With You Again."

Who knew Lionel Richie had a new album out? What a great song! Thanks for heads up! :D (And I love it when the internet works! )
Okay welll i just saw the commercial and i've searched for the commercial on here to see if it's been posted and it hasn't so i'm asking the lyrics go "calling all girls from around the world"........ thanks!
Was a pop, rap, ro or r&b? The only thing I can think of is this r&b group called ATL and the song" "Calling all girls". Some of the lyrics....

"Callin' all girls, all around the world
We wanna get to know you (we wanna get to know you)
Callin' all girls, all around the world
We just wanna' love you (girls, girls, girls, girls)"
Hmmm, well the lyrics are not exactly "calling all girls from around the world" but I happened to catch that commercial tonight and heard the background music....are you looking for Korn's cover of "Word Up" (original by Cameo). That's the song that was I hope that helps! ;)
This is a remix of 'Word Up" from 80's hip hop group Cameo. This new version is done by a group called Gun and once again it's Word Up.

"Yo pretty ladies around the world..."
to correct lavelle the new version is done by KORN and not gun, it is on the digi pack of take a look in the mirror if you wana get your hands on a copy
Does anyone know the name of the song that airs on the las vegas commercial it comes on NTV and i believe it stems from NBC... there is no words in it, just a piano i think. any help would be appreciated.
the last one i heard from las vegas in the song pretty vegas by inxs. its the song that won jt the lead singer job on the show rock star inxs.
hey there, thanks for the reply, it's not that song...i think it's one that the local network is playing.. on NTV Canada... i really wish I knew the name of it. If i see it come on i'll record it than play it for someone to name the song! haha!
Hi y'all
I bought the Miami Vice Season One DVD couple of months ago, and there is a trailer on it about the DVD release of the TV show "Las Vegas" with James Caan and other ppl.
Now there is this song they are playing during the trailer and I can't find anything about it, it's like "no guilt, no shame ...... you can't take the heat, you can't take the fame" something like that.

I really hope somebody knows the answer to this. Thanx a lot in advance ;)
This promo has been running during the Olympics. I think that they lyrics are "I just want to move it, move it." Anyone know what this is?
I saw this ad again tonight and the lyrics are "I like the way you move". Help. This is making me nuts.