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I've fallen in love with the music in a fairly new (and uncommon) American Express "My life. My card." Campaign commercial featuring Laird Hamilton, the surfer.

The commercial is comprised of a voice-over of Laird listing off the things he uses his card for, while jump-cutting through shots of the things he lists (the first is "My sherpa," over a shot of him being towed up a wave by a jetski.). It ends with him riding a giant as his signature is written over the entire scene and the "My life. My card." slogan is displayed.

The whole thing is undercut with this fantastic blue surf tinged music, with an undulating solo guitar rolling up to some male vocals heard only just as the commercial ends. I think the vocals were just someone scatting, "Yip, yoo, yoop!" before rising into a terrific riff.

I have seen it only a couple of times, all during this month. I can't remember which channels, but they were definitely over-the-air, as I don't have cable or a satellite dish. The most recent was tonight (18 Nov. PST), when I chanced upon it playing on CBS during "Survivor."

I don't know who the music or even the genre may be, but I'm obsessed with it. Any help is much, much appreciated!
The song is "Mas Y Mas" by Los Lobos off their Colossal Head album.
this is my first time posting bare with me. i just saw the laird hamilton american express commercial and was wondering what the song was playing in the commercial. thanks
Just saw the commercial on the link that sophist posted. Cool!

My Q is - is the song on the extended version of the commercial (heard at the end) the same as the song heard in the previous 2 versions (Heart & Sherpa)? I thought they were different - but just making sure.

Also, IF they were different, anyone know the song on the extended version?


Thanks for the link! I love that music too. Awesome, bluesy-earthy-surfin' beach music! Hard to believe it is the Los Lobos!

I have to go and buy it tomorrow!
Originally posted by lbast@Nov 30 2004, 05:46 PM
The song is "Mas Y Mas" by Los Lobos off their Colossal Head album.
That's it! Beautiful!

I was afraid that it was going to be a comissioned track, and impossible to find.

Thank you for that, truly!