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what's the song at the end of the show on both episodes? i've been looking all over for it.
thanks i know that i'll be coming here now when i need music related to tv shows pointed out.
does anyone know the instrumental song that is played at the beginning of each episode when lc does the recaps from previous weeks?
I think this was already answered but its "100 years" by Five for Fighting
oh wow you are right!! thanks!!! i def know that song, but didn't make the connection to that intrumental part.
Yea, does anyone know what the song is called, or a site that may have the sheet music for the intro song to every episode?
Could you tell us which episode you're referring to? Or is it heard on every episode?
yes its played on every episode, and i've been looking for it everywhere too, it doesn't sound like 100 years to me, are you sure that's what it is?
I have to say that it's pretty annoying to be reading posts on every television and music message board that the piano instrumental is from Five For Fighting's song, "100 Years." Basically, you must be mistaken with the fact that, yes, the song WAS on the show, but it is entirely different from the introductory theme in both rhythm and pitch.

Here, compare:

EDIT: Sorry, forgot to say that the videos with the song are on Page 2, i.e. the ones that say "Next on Laguna Beach." There are about five of them, one for each episode.

Now, find Five For Fighting's song and listen to it and the Laguna Beach commercial on (link above). Notice the offset? Since it's obviously not FFF, the topic remains unresolved, and I find it hard to believe that a vast group of interested community members couldn't find the answer in a short amount of time.

Any ideas? B)

P.S.: If someone thinks that the intro is simply an instrumental of a different part of the song, i.e. perhaps the chorus, please let me know what minute and second within the song that might be. I couldn't exclude parts of the rest of the song (my ears aren't good enough) from possibly being used.
You should have posted this in the same thread that's discussing the song to begin with, rather than starting a new topic.

I'll merged all the topics dicussing it and take off any "Answered" tags.
Yes I know that it is not five for fighting as's totally different. If anyone find out what the song is or if there is sheet music for this anywhere, please let me know. Thank you!!
Well does anyone know the song that played during the COMMERCIAL advertising the PROM episode? There's no lyrics, but a soft guitar plays in the background and then it starts to speed up. It plays during the entire commercial so if you hear it, PLEASE let me know who the artist of the song is, I've been looking for this song for 3 years!
Ok here is the question fo the hour: What is the instrumental song played at the beginning of each episode of Laguna Beach? I know that it is not "100 Years" becase the songs sound nothing alike.

Any Ideas? Let me know! :p
the song plays when it cuts to the scene of LC sittin up on the boat while everyone else is sleepin. it's all acoustic. if it helps, the next scene cuts to the church where that one blond girl backstage is like 'why does he go wax on wax off.' anyone know? thanks!
also another question. what's the song they play in the commercial for next week's episode? it's all acoustic.