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Hey all 1st does anyone kno what song is playing in the Lacoste Commercial....the one with the person singing the song...i went to another site and found out that Bumcello - beautiful you...but when i had downloaded it it wasnt the same one..can anyone out there help me?
is it with a girl singing something like: you should be home but your're not i dont wanna believe that its over now. and a tennis player comes on? if thats the commercial the song name is It's Over Now and it's by Natasha Thomas. The chick on the commercial is her. hope this helps! :D
What is the name of that song in the Lacoste commercial? The one with that tennis player and girl. Catchy tune. Any help is appreciated.
I know what ad you're talking about. She's singing, he's trying to get to her . . . The singer is Natasha Thomas, but the song is It's Over Now.
Does anyone know what is the song which is used in Lacoste perfume advertisement called?
Something like "Let's me show you the way.......... ;) "
It's uncommercialised reorchestration from "Save your Kisses from Me" by Natasha Thomas :)
when i first saw the add it reminded me of save your kisses for me. but the lyrics are different and the rhytm is slower. anyone know the name of the song used for the add and where to get it? :unsure:
There's a girl that like.........does stuff (lol I know im totally useless!) like outside. And it's for pink lacoste......but what's the song?

I remember a bit where she kinda jumps and tries to grab hold of some floating thing if that helps???
hi. there is a new 'lacoste' ad showing in the uk. it shows a guy at the seaside jumping onto wooden poles. the song has the line 'can you show me the way to San Jose', sung by a woman. sounds like it's maybe a 60/70's song.

thanks very much