Labatt Blue Light


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Hey... Does anyone know the song played during the commercial where their are CLOTHING DESIGNERS looking to save money buy using less material. Aventually a hot blonde walks into a bar with almost nothing on her boobs.

What is that song played???

Well when the commercial first starts there's just gautar playing......then its like (roughly)........

"yeah, yeah, yeah............everybody in the club sayin... come'on, come'on come'on and get up!"

i really hopes this helps
What kind of style music is it? Hip hop, rap, rock, pop, etc... Male or female vocals?

Have you found a link to watch the ad online?
Its a rock tune and i can only find it on tv.... well not anymore.... but a few months ago or so.
I just stumbled on this site, and saw this post...I can't believe it, I have been wondering the same thing for 4 months now!!!

The commercial is one of those "Less is More" Labatt's Blue commercials. Two male clothing designers get the idea that "less material is more skin". At the start of the commercial they are in their clothing shop looking at material...then they are in a bar (leaning up against it watching people), and they are diisgusted because they see an ugly man with skimpy's funny. It looks like they are regretting their designs, until a hot chick with a very skimpy tube-top walks in, and they look at each other as if to say " idea was great after all". That's the gist of it...i may be a little off because i haven't seen it in a long time. When the girl with the tube top walks towards them, the music is blasting, like the previous post says...heavy guitar and drums, and when they say "Hey!" they all sing it together...very this: (bang bang represents hitting the drum tom-toms):

bang bang "Hey!" bang bang "Hey!", "C'mon C'mon C'mon, C'mon"

I though for sure it was new American hi-fi, it has the same style as thier newer tunes like "art of losing" and "breakup song", but I sampled all their tunes and came up short...

I hope this description triggers something with another user, because I too would love to know this song!!!!!!!
Unless they're running the (commercial) with more than one song then "Nothing Left To Lose" is the tune you want.

Or is that link the wrong ad? :unsure:
Thanks Dude!!!!!! "Nothing Left To Lose - American hi-fi" is the song in that commercial!

thanks dude!!!!