La Llorona


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This is an oldie, but I have tried the search engine and come up empty-handed. I also tried writing to PBS something like two years ago when I first heard this, and no one ever replied to me.

There was an episode of Gregory Nava's TV series American Family entitled "La Llorona" which had a gorgeous folk song about La Llorona in its soundtrack. Credit for the singer is nowhere to be found on the episode nor on the American Family website, which was sort of ironic at the time since this episode was shown with a companion documentary short decrying the amount of work Latino immigrants do in this country and for which they do not receive credit, notice, appreciation, etc., let alone pay and benefits.

It was great music. It had nothing to do with the outstanding album Llorona by Lhasa. If anyone knows who the singer was and where I can find a copy of that song, I'll be grateful to hear about it.

This song and the legend that accompanies the story is one of the things I like to research. I recommend the version from the "Frida" soundtrack by Chavela Vargas. It's probably not the exact version you are looking for from the American Family show, but it's a beautiful, haunting version of the song - well worth acquiring! :D

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