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I don't know how many of u watch anything on KXVO WB 15 but they have a new theme song that they play while u see the actors of the differant shows appear on screen. What's the theme song?

I dun have a link or a clip of the song so anyone that's seen the commercial or knows anything about it holla back. :)
If any of u have any questions about jus what the heck Im talking about plz ask. :D
what city are you in? Is it just an ad for the WB? Can you describe the song? Genre/type, lyrics, male/female vocals?
I think it's jus an ad for the WB iss kinda punk rock. Male singer. The song was also used for an Ipod commercial one where u see pl dancing ( u know how they have like jus the sihlouetes dancing) and another one where a guy's walking past a wall that has graffiti on it and the graffiti starts dancing to the music. Ring any bells?
ditto, search for iPod instead. it's been answered in the past.
Oh ok thanx. Found it :) I'm kinda new to this site so.